The attractix idea

It started with a question:

“Why is online shopping fun but online ticket buying frustrating?”

The idea for attractix was born during the pandemic of 2020. Whilst theatres and concert organisers have a comparatively long history of using online ticket sales, attractions and leisure facilities sold the majority of their tickets on-site until 2019. Museum visitors were simply not used to buying their tickets online in advance. The legal requirement placed upon visitor attractions to limit visitor numbers during the pandemic meant however, that booking time slots online soon became a common practice.
Julia Kuntz-Stietzel - CEO / Founder
Julia Kuntz-Stietzel
It was long overdue to connect ticket sales to the innovative & fast growing e-commerce world. The possibilities that a classic online store offers in terms of marketing & sales connections are endless and far ahead of the ticketing industry. Attractix combines these two worlds, leading its users into a new era of online ticketing This includes the mixed shopping cart with merchandise items. Dynamic price calculation lies at the heart of a system which provides not only a perfectly aligned user experience, but caters to the needs of providers and guests and ensures better footfall distribution. Visitor attractions and leisure facilities need to develop an innovative approach to marketing in order to survive in a highly competitive market. Seeking to cater to these needs, attractix has developed a clear strategy: enabling customers to purchase tickets anywhere at transparent prices through a wide range of systems. Seeking to respond to customer requirements, we are constantly developing attractix further and provide a bespoke package tailored to companies’ individual needs. I personally have been involved in the attractions and leisure market for more than 15 years. During this time I have gained considerable experience with existing ticket and content management systems. It is my mission to show the world that buying tickets can be fun for all – attractix is the way to do this. What started with a simple question soon developed into a project, the realization of which led to the dawn of a new era, not just for online ticket sales, but hopefully also for the leisure industry as a whole. Julia Kuntz-Stietzel Company founder