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Ticket sales for attractions

With us you can increase sales AND the visitor experience in your attraction.
Zeitfenstertciket mit Dynamic Pricing

5 good reasons for an attractix ticket shop

30% more turnover

Higher visitor satisfaction

User experience when buying tickets

Modular structure

Clever marketing tools

Designed to meet the requirements of attractions

Dynamic Pricing - Ticketshop
Intuitive, comfortable and secure

Ticketing meets e-commerce

Optimized for mobile devices, the online ticket store guarantees a unique buying experience from anywhere. Dynamic price calculation enables targeted utilization control. Flexible ticket issuing and the innovative access solution are completely device-independent. Using a variety of interfaces, attractix can be connected to third-party systems without limits. Finally innovation for all – without limits
Good for your attraction


  • Popular tickets are sold more expensive HIGHER SELLING PRICE
  • Heavily used time slots are relieved, queues are avoided GREATER VISITOR SATISFACTION
  • Under-utilized time slots are filled HIGHER UTILIZATION
Dynamic Pricing Ticketsystem
Use Cases - Konzipiert für Attraktionen
Good for your visitors

Designed for attractions

  • Country-specific payment methods GREATER CONVENIENCE
  • Daily comparison at a glance HIGHER TRANSPARENCY
  • Fast booking process MORE ONLINE BOOKINGS
Good for your business

Smart time management

  • Merchandise items are purchased more frequently LARGER SHOPPING CART
  • e-commerce and social media interfaces HIGHER TRAFFIC
  • real time statistics MORE CONTROL
Tools: Multichannel, Social Media, Marketing, Payment, usw.

Attractix: a new era for online ticket sales

Ticket Shop

User Experience
Dynamic Pricing
Time slot
International payment methods


e-mail marketing
Merchandise management
Real-time statistics


Social media
FiBu systems
Payment providers
Affiliate partners

Customer feedback

What do our customers say?

"For many years, I have been dreaming of a museum that is never crowded and never yawningly empty, regardless of whether it's Saturday or Monday. With attractix, I have finally found a software that allows me to realize my vision."

Robert Rückel
Robert Rückel

Director of the German Spy Museum

Smart pricing plan

Our prices


  • 9.900 € / Einmalig
  • keine mtl. Kosten
  • 0,60 € / p.T.*


  • 18.900 € / Einmalig
  • 199,00 € / Monat
  • 0,65 € / p.T.*


  • Kauflizenz ab 75.000 EUR*

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